Slots are definitely the most famous casino game and they are a most favorite source of fun for a huge part of the gambling players around the world. Slots are the biggest symbol of gambling of all time and there is absolutely no casino around the world which is not having slot machines for its players. The thrill of the spinning reels and the matching figures/images combined with modern bonus games, which are delivered thank to the modern computer-based slot machines, stays unmatched. 

The predecessor of the slots appeared in the end of 19th century and it was a machine that contained 50 cards which were spinning while the players were hoping to get the best poker hand so that they can win. 

The rules of slot games are quite simple and no matter that there are numerous different slot games, generally the rules are the same except for the game-specific bonus games. So the rules are as simple as that – the players decide what their bet will be and press the button to start spinning the reels which leads to a simple result – win or lose. 

Although slot game is simple, there're some useful tips that slot players need to know: 

1. Do not play progressive slot machines unless you intend to place the maximum bet. Progressive slot machines are only giving out the jackpot if you place the maximum bet possible. If you do not plan to place the maximum bet then you should not play progressive slot machines. 

2. It is recommended that you play either slot machines with big jackpots or slots with high payouts. Due to the lower running costs, the online casinos have higher payout ratio compared to the live casinos and therefore it is recommended to play slots online.

3. Many slots players make the big mistake to play very fast, to hit the button as fast as they can and to play on multiple slot machines (2 slots and even more). The more slot machines a player uses, the more he is exposing himself to the casino advantage and in the long run this will most probably lead to losing his money faster.

4. Do not play on slot machines with high bet limits if you have just a few dollars to play with. Always choose a slot machine with appropriate bet limits according to your bankroll.

5. Always know when to stop. One of the most important things in gambling, no matter what game you are playing, is the discipline.

The slot machines are either regular slots or progressive slots. The regular slot machine would pay the winnings of the players according to a fixed schedule. The difference between the regular slots and the progressive slots is that when playing the progressive slots, the players have the chance to hit the progressive jackpot whose amount is constantly increasing till the moment someone wins it. The more slots players play and lose their money, the faster the jackpot increases and the bigger its amount gets.

Mr Green
White Lion